All HomeSpun Literature books were written and illustrated by Linda Rigsbee
aka: Linda Louise Rigsbee, Linda L. Rigsbee, L. L. Rigsbee and
 Linda Mecham-Rigsbee.

All HomeSpun Literature books are free of profanity and explicit sex.
Many Genres - One Theme: Keep It Clean


The number of pages in a book depends on the size of the book, the font type and size and other factors, so page count is not an accurate way to determine book length. That is why publishers use word count.
    Books are divided into categories by word count and audience. This varies from one publisher to the next, but general standards apply. The standard for adults and children vary, as well as genre. Below are the general standards and terms used by HomeSpun Literature Publishing.

Story Length:
    Flash Fiction - Up to 1000 words
    Short Story - 1000 to 7500 words
    Novelette - 7500 to 17,000 words
    Novella - 17,000 to 30,000 words
    Short Novel - 30,000 to 50,000 words
    Novel - 50,000 and up

    Children - up to 8 years
    Youth - 8-18 years
    Adult - 18 - 40
    Mature - 40 and up

Binding Methods:
    Glue Bound - standard paperback binding
    Comb Bound - Best for hands free reading
    Staple Bound - Used for booklets

Most HomeSpun Literature books have slightly larger text than normal, though not considered large text. Arial font is used for the text of a book, because it is larger and easier to read. Shoppers say they find this combination much easier to read. Of course, that increases the pages in a book, but does not affect the word count.

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