Humorous lyrics, the flavor of country and the opportunity to learn the alphabet “country style” – what more could you want? How about the opportunity to color? This 2017 version of the 1984 children’s book “Our Alphabetical Farm” makes learning the alphabet even more fun. Author Linda L. Rigsbee has modified her children’s book by drawing farm animals and publishing it in coloring book format.
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Editor’s Review 

This isn’t your average coloring book. It is actually a book – one that provides the fun of coloring while learning the alphabet.” The lyrics deliver an aura of simple country living, often with humor that makes it memorable. Written and illustrated by author Linda L. Rigsbee for her son in 1984, “Our Alphabetical Farm” captures the closeness of mother and son.
This book would make a nice collector’s item. The 8 x 10 pages your child colors can be removed and framed or stored away intact as memorabilia.

Book Description 

Laugh, learn and enjoy this new color book version of the 1984 book “Our Alphabetical Farm.” The simplicity of country living and the bond between mother and son are revealed in the lyrics. The letter A may be for apple in some books, but in this book, A is for animals on a farm for “me and you.”
Author Linda L. Rigsbee’s drawings were in demand by classmates long before she began to write books. Like her writing, the images begin in her mind and take a shortcut to paper through her fingers.

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Our Alphabetical Farm
A Children's Book/Coloring Book
by Linda L. Rigsbee
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