Oriel is sending an expedition team to planet Opus in preparation for colonization. Dr. Oriana invites Donte to scout for them and, since he and Rianne are no longer together, he accepts. Captain Pacilio's granddaughter is on the team and her rebellious actions wind up getting them both trapped in an underground chamber. Everyone believes they have drowned, but Purlieu isn't ready to give up. 
    Marlin Delaney has wanted to be involved in the colonization of a planet ever since she can remember. She has been accepted and she isn’t going to let anything rob her of the opportunity – not rape, pregnancy or the addition of the man she hates to their team.

  Being accepted for the Amelioration Expedition was the easy part. It only took twenty years of education and knowing the right people. Marlin Delaney had wanted to be part of colonizing another planet since she was a little girl. Everything was going according to plan…until she was raped. Then it seemed that everything that could go wrong did. Before she could get off the planet of Oriel, she discovered she was pregnant. It was a fact she hid until the spaceship was far enough from Oriel that she was sure they wouldn’t turn around and take her home. Even that didn’t work out because by the time they picked up the doctor, Marlin was too far along to terminate the pregnancy. Thins could get worse – and so they did. The killer of her grandfather and the cause of her parents’ separation joined the mission when they reached the planet Purlieu. Things kept getting worse, but she refused to let it destroy the mission for her.
  Donte was a mascot – a human genetically altered with animal genes. His mate had left him and he was no longer the Ruler of Bergen, but Dr. Oriana was convinced the expedition would be safer with his presence. Marlin didn’t have to like him. She didn’t even have to get along with him, so she didn’t try.
  By the time they reached their destination on planet Opus, everyone but Marlin was in awe of Donte. Dr. Oriana was the expedition leader, but even she allowed Donte to take over projects. Someone had to do something before the colonization of Opus became his project.
  When Donte and Marlin fell into a cavern and the expedition thought they drowned, the only way they could survive was to work together. Marlin not only learned a lot about Donte, but herself as well. When they were befriended by a life form on Opus, they had to redefine simple words like people and humanity. Starving and losing hope of rescue, neither would find comfort until they learned to forgive each other and themselves.


  “The Amelioration Expedition” is a sequel to THE MASCOT TRILOGY. Once again Linda Rigsbee challenges preconceived ideas – this time about what defines people and civilization.
  Marlin’s father is the CEO of Fontalo, the company that is sending the expedition to the planet Opus prior to colonization. Being accepted on the team was easy enough, but things fall apart after that.
  First, Marlin is raped. She doesn’t report it because she is afraid a trial would prevent her from going to Opus. Then she discovers she is pregnant. She doesn’t want a baby, but decides not to terminate the pregnancy until they are far enough away from Oriel that they won’t pull her from the team. The doctor doesn’t join the team until it is too late to terminate the pregnancy. This poor girl can’t win for losing.
  When it appears things can’t get worse, the man she hates joins them. Donte, is the former Ruler of Bergen on the planet Purlieu and the mascot whom she believes is responsible for the death of her grandfather and caused the separation of her parents when she was only six.
  Marlin is a headstrong young woman and she isn’t going to let anything ruin the expedition for her. She wanted to be part of colonizing a planet all her life. She faces one dilemma after another, blaming and tormenting Donte because he is handy and offers no resistance. He is a mascot, a human genetically modified with animal genes – not completely human and therefore, in her opinion, not a person.
  When they both fall into a cavern and are presumed dead, they must learn to work together. While captive in the cavern, they are visited by indigenous creatures that Donte calls people. Marlin doesn’t agree and she knows Donte has neither the education nor the authority to know what they are.
  As they begin to starve and lose hope for rescue, they begin to listen to each other. Their only hope for rescue is something they have in common. They may not be so different after all.
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111,665 words  422 pages
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The Amelioration Expedition
Spaceship Lyra Log 001
by Linda Rigsbee
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An unfamiliar planet; one expedition member who hates another...what could go wrong?
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  Donte’s mate has left him and he has resigned as the Ruler of Bergen on the planet Purlieu, so when he is invited to join the expedition to planet Opus, he accepts.
  Marlin blames Donte for killing her grandfather and causing the separation of her parents. Everything is falling apart in her life and he is a handy target. Marlin doesn’t want the baby or the association with Donte but she will have to compromise for the good of the expedition and the colonization of Opus. 
  When they fall into a cavern and everyone thinks they drowned, they must work together or perish.
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