The Anialwch Connection, Book 2 in the Mascot Trilogy Speculative fiction. The Anialwch Connection Book Two of The Mascot Trilogy by Linda Rigsbee
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 Science Fiction delivered without profanity or explicit sex.

 Donte is a mascot, (a genetically modified human) who recently returned from service aboard the spaceship Moeder. He is the prophesied Anialwch Connection, the one chosen to lead the colonists to freedom. He has already united the colonies of the experimental planet of Purlieu.
  Donte's grandfather, Pieter, wants Donte to succeed him as ruler of Bergen colony, but he isn't happy about some of Donte's ideas. Pieter doesn't believe in the Prophesy and he believes only mascots should rule. Donte believes in equality between human colonists and mascots. The Prophesy indicates the colonists will rise up against the mascots, but Donte believes that can be avoided if the colonists are treated fairly.
  Torn between loyalty to his grandfather and fulfilling his destiny in the Prophesy, Donte must decide who he will serve.

Book Description
    Book 2 in the Mascot Series is a novel that can stand on its own but leaves the reader hungry for Book 3. Book 1 ended with Donte’s discovery that he was the chosen one in a prophesy. The colonists were prophesied to rise up against the mascots (humans genetically altered with animal genes.) Donte and Princess Celyn were prophesied to lead the planet of Purlieu to freedom from, the Fontalo, the company that created the mascots, and the scientists of the planet of Oriel, who conducted the Purlieu Experiment.
      In an attempt to prepare for his role in the Prophesy and his eventual position as Ruler of Bergen, Donte serves three years on the spaceship Moeder. He knew nothing about combat before he joined. Hopefully the experience will be unnecessary, but he wants to be prepared. The spaceship Moeder once belonged to the Fontalo. In forty years their technology has probably advanced, but at least Donte has increased his knowledge.
      Donte returns to Purlieu ready to assume his responsibilities in the Prophesy only to discover that his grandfather, the current Ruler of Bergen, considers the Prophesy nothing more than folklore. Pieter wants Donte to forget about the Prophesy and concentrate on his training to be Ruler of Bergen. Pieter believes that only mascots should rule, but Donte believes that human colonists should have equal say in the governing of the colonies. Their conflict grows until Pieter threatens to ban Donte from the colony. But Donte feels he can’t back down without betraying all the colonists of Purlieu.
      Pieter isn’t Donte’s only, or even his biggest problem. If he is to fulfill his role in the Prophesy, he must learn to work with Princess Celyn, a teenager who feels she has prior claim on Donte. She had a vision that she and Donte would exchange vows when she turned nineteen. Donte’s mate, Rianne, has an idea, but Donte is concerned it could put their relationship at risk.
      As Donte assumes his role in the Prophesy, some begin to fear him. He doesn’t know who he can trust and assassination attempts threaten people he loves. Donte can’t give up. The colonists and mascots of Purlieu are depending on him.

Editor's Review

    When Donte returns from his 3-year service aboard the spaceship Moeder, he has three priorities. The first is his mate and child. The second is his destiny in the Prophesy as the Anialwch Connection. The third is serving his colony as the future Ruler of Bergen.
      From the time he arrives in the colony of Bergen, his grandfather, the current Ruler of Bergen, challenges him. Pieter claims the Prophesy is merely folklore, yet he insists that the only way the Prophesy can be averted is to maintain mascot rule. Mascots are humans genetically altered with various animal genes. Both Donte and Pieter are mascots, but Donte believes that the human colonists should have equal opportunity to rule.
     According to the Prophesy, Donte and Princess Celyn are supposed to work together leading the planet of Purlieu to freedom. Celyn had a vision that she would exchange vows with Donte when she turned nineteen. Donte believes she misinterpreted the vision. At fourteen, Celyn must learn to work with Donte, using her unique abilities. Donte's mate, Rianne, has an intriguing idea about how that can be accomplished, but it might risk the only thing that is going right for him – his relationship with Rianne.
      Donte doesn’t have a rule book for his role in the Prophesy. He must follow instinct when logic doesn’t apply. That puts him at odds with his grandfather and may even banish him from the colony. He must chose between the people he loves and the future of Purlieu.
97,260 words
355 pages
Book 2 - The Mascot Trilogy
by Linda Rigsbee
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Sometimes being the chosen one means taking all the risks. Donte isn't one to shirk his duties, but a ruler must learn to delegate. As the Anialwch connection in a Prophecy, he must learn to deal with unbelievers of all sorts - some who want to eliminate him. He has to learn who is friend and who is foe. Book Two of The Mascot Trilogy is a struggle to an uncertain end. 
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Soft science fiction reads more like general fiction. People who don't enjoy science fiction often enjoy soft science fiction. Colonization of another planet is similar to colonizing America, but on another planet.
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