A heart catheterization went horribly wrong, rendering Eddie a quadriplegic. Three weeks after surgery attempting to correct the problem, Eddie was sent to rehab. After another three weeks with little progress, professionals wanted to put him in a nursing home. Wife, Linda, believed a hospital error was being covered up at the expense of Eddie's health. She insisted on bringing him home to recover.

Linda and Eddie chose not to look back at the error, but forward to the possibilities. This is a story of love and faith, and how two people learned to dance in the rain.

57,800 words, 188 pages
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Another Mountain
Climbing Back From Quadriplegia - One Couple's Story
by Linda L. Rigsbee
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Editor’s Review 

Heart rending and inspiring by turns, this book is a testimonial to the power of positive thinking. It might have been easier for everyone if Eddie had been transferred to a nursing home, as the professionals recommended. The easy way isn't always the best way. Linda was afraid that her diabetic husband wouldn't receive the proper care so she brought him home where he could receive 24-7 individual attention and intense therapy.
Linda quit her job as a professional caregiver so she could be an unpaid caregiver for her husband. The book is about their struggle from quadriplegia to independence.
Rigsbee uses mountains and valleys in a symbolic way throughout this book, making their struggles more visual.


  "Another Mountain" is a true story of how Eddie Rigsbee recovered from the physical and psychological effects of paralysis. Like the doctors, Linda questioned whether her husband would ever walk again. Bringing him home so that she could care for him seemed the best choice.
When Eddie Rigsbee went to the emergency room in June of 2010, he was in agony. He thought the pain in his neck was caused by bone deterioration, but when he arrived at the hospital, no one would listen to him. Their focus was immediately riveted on his heart and dynamite couldn't blast it away. Heart trumped spine and they insisted on a heart catheterization before they would consider his spine. Eddie came out of the heart catheterization a quadriplegic. But the real story isn't the mistake or the cover-up that stonewalled his recovery.
The real story is about tenacity, courage, acceptance and adapting to the inevitable. It is a story about betrayal, and the overcoming of it; and it is a story about learning how to help others. The real story is in Eddie's refusal to give up in the face of adversity. This story is about how he and his wife clawed their way up mountainous obstacles together and made the best of a bad situation.
"Life is like a range of mountains. Within them lie dark valleys, long steep slopes and glorious peaks. In each, there is beauty, if we choose to look for it."
  Linda L. Rigsbee 2014
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