Her Best Laid Plans
A Clean Romance Novella
by Linda Louise Rigsbee

   Adrienne had carefully laid out plans for her career during her high school years. With meticulous care, she had followed those plans to her last semester of nursing school. She attributed her success, at least in part, to her decision not to become romantically involved. That was her plan, but something went wrong that last semester - something that could completely destroy her best laid plans.
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Editor’s Review

“Her Best Laid Plans” is a clean romance novella about adapting to change and setting priorities. Adrienne knew she wanted to be a pediatric nurse when she was still in high school. She planned to work her way through school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That turned out to be the easy part. Another part of her plan was refusing to be distracted by romance. The mind makes plans, but the heart follows its own path.

To save money, Adrienne shares an apartment with two other girls – and a guy. Brandon is trying to save money while he works his way through college as well, but he is accepted as a roommate on the condition that he provides protection. They have house rules that forbid romantic relationships, which fits nicely into Adrienne’s plans – until Brandon declares his love for her. That’s when her plans begin to fall apart.

Book Description

Romance doesn’t fit into Adrienne’s carefully constructed plans. She has mapped a course since her high school years and everything is going according to plan. She has worked her way through nursing school and only has a few months to go when Brandon announces that he loves her. Determination to stick to her plan, and house rules that forbid romantic relationships should be enough to prevent such distractions, but Adrienne’s heart is refusing to play by the rules.
The girls didn’t accept Brandon as a roommate so he could provide romantic escape. What they wanted was a body guard. Tall and muscular, Brandon certainly can discourage any unwanted element. Who would have known that such a sweet gentle guy would create havoc in their lives?
When Adrienne finally decides she can handle romance and her studies simultaneously for a few months, tragedy strikes. Brandon loses focus on his career and mistakes her dedication for lack of interest in him. As they drift farther apart, Adrienne is torn between her love for him and sticking with her path to success.

Reader Comments:

"I liked the story. It touched a very deep cord in my own self. I had a road map to the future once too. Keep up the good work, and keep the works coming. I can't wait to see a novel from you. Cheers!"

"This book was absolutely fantastic. great work i will never forget this book of laughter and tears. keep up the good work. : )"

"Loved it! such a tender and sweet romance. It sure did leave me smiling. Thanx!"

From Public Bookshelf:

"Really liked the story. Makes you really think about the future; especially for college kids when the unexpected happens."

Her Best Laid Plans
A Clean Romance Novella
by Linda Louise Rigsbee
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