Young Zachariah Morton arrived at the Apache village of his mother seeking revenge for the killing of his parents by a neighboring rancher. He sought the wisdom of an old Indian, but the Apache delivered him to a Mexican instead. They took his gun and the papers he had confiscated, but he refused to surrender his determination to right a wrong.

    Young Zachary Morton has lost his parents, his home and his horse all in one day, but it is the killing of four white men that has put him on the run. Burning with rage, 19-year-old Zach flees to the mountains in search of his mother’s people and an old wise Indian his father had mentioned. Zach wants justice for the murder of his parents, but if the murderous rancher isn’t stopped, he will take over the entire valley.
    Instead of directing him to the old Indian, the Apache take his gun and deliver him to a Mexican on a remote hacienda in the mountains. There he must learn to tame the monster within before he can defeat the corrupt rancher. Time is running out and Zach is ready to face the rancher with or without assistance.

36,170 words
132 pages
Book Description:​
    In one day, young Zach Morton witnessed the murder of his parents; killed his first man; watched his home go up in smoke and put his horse down. Not surprisingly, he was seeing red…blood red. Certain that a half-breed would get no justice from the law, Zach fled into a mountain snow storm to evade a posse. Pa had talked about an old wise Indian who lived in the mountains of his mother's people. He hoped to find the man - and justice.
    He found the summer camp of his mother's people, but the White Mountain Apache were reluctant to let a white man speak to their revered wise man. Zach was taken to the remote ranch of a Mexican and his ward. There he received lessons on living like an Apache.
    Zach resisted any tutoring that didn’t show him how to fight the corrupt rancher responsible for the death of his parents. Diego and Becca were determined to shape Zach into something he wasn’t.
All the training is giving Cord time to take over the Morton ranch. Zach must decide whether he should confront Cord without a gun and chance being killed or even hanged, or relinquish the ranch and any hope of a future.

Editor’s Review 

    Set in the scenic White Mountains of New Mexico Territory in May of 1860, the western, "Blood Red" by L. L. Rigsbee is sprinkled with history. Like all books by this author, it is realistic without the use of profanity. 
    Blood Red is a coming-of-age story about a half-breed searching for justice in pre-Civil War New Mexico Territory. Zach is a young man of 19 who is seeking justice for the murder of his parents by a greedy rancher. He wants to keep their ranch out of the hands of their murderers. After killing all but one of the men who murdered his parents, he flees to the mountains of his mother’s people in search of an old wise Indian his father had mentioned.
    The Apache take his gun and deliver him to a Mexican and his ward where he learns, among other things, patience. Only after learning to control his own emotions does he stand a chance of defeating the corrupt rancher. Time is runing out and the rancher has moved on his parent’s land. Will he find the old wise man in time to stop him?

Reader Comments:

"I enjoy Westerns and this one was representative of the three different cultures at the same time it seemed to stay related to the environment it was written to portray. God bless you and you continue to write."

"This is my kind of Western. Well developed main characters. Clear story line. Identifiable setting. A little romance. No blatant sex."

"I've been looking for a good book to read and this one fit the bill. I will continue to read this author."

Reviews from Amazon:

"L. L. Rigsbee knows her classic western tale and the genre's fans. The inciting incident in Blood Red is a favorite one. However, whereas young men seeking revenge for their parents' murders often do so with reckless drive, nineteen-year-old Zach is smart as well as vengeful. Fast moving events drew me right into this story. If he sorted out his inner conflict about his mixed Apache, Anglo heritage a bit too slowly for my taste mid-book, his decisive and bold drive for justice at the end proved him worthy of the rewards. A fast and satisfying read I am happy to recommend."

"Good read. Couldn't stop."
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A Western Novel
by L. L. Rigsbee
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A coming-of-age novel about channeling anger into a constructive response. Set in pre-Civil War era in New Mexico Territory.
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