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Clean Romance
Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Book 1

An Arkansas goat dairy was an unusual place to begin a romance. What could a country hick and a sophisticated salesman have in common? Carmen was dirt poor and too independent to benefit from his wealth. Alex was once bitten by the bitter love bug and twice shy about getting into another serious relationship. Carmen had been raised by aging parents with old-fashioned morals. She was ready to settle down and start a family. Oh, what a tangled web they wove.

Something Old, Something New:  Book 2

​Communication has never been one of Carmen’s strengths. It isn’t fear of retribution that makes her hide things from Alex – especially one very personal secret that she and Josh share. Between her obsession about children and reluctance to discuss issues with Alex, their marriage is in danger. She must either adjust or risk losing the man she loves more than life itself.

The Darkest Hour:  Book 3

​Carmen Barnett had landed the husband of her dreams. Their marriage was perfect - except for the absence of children. It was something she thought she had accepted, but even Alex wasn't happy with the arrangement. He wanted to adopt, and that idea terrified her.  
  Alex was willing to take the risk, but she wasn't. For a few months it looked as though they might not have to take that risk, and then she began the darkest part of her life.
  The honeymoon was over and they were no longer meeting each other's expectations. Could they put their marriage back together? Would things ever be the same? Together, they had to make it through the darkest hour. Was their love strong enough to make the journey?

For Better or Worse:  Book 4

Carmen and Alex were fortunate enough to adopt two children - one from birth. Life was perfect for them until Lori arrived one day to reclaim her daughter. A legal and emotional battle followed, but no one was prepared for the tragedy that befell Alex. A stranger who started with friendly advances on Carmen, ended up knifing Alex. The months that followed taught Carmen the true meaning of the vow, "for better or for worse." 

A Change of Hearts:  Book 5

Carmen has had a change of heart. She has agreed to a surrogate mother for their new baby. From the day Alex talks her into it, she isn't sure it is the right thing to do. She has made so many restrictions on the procedure that she is caught off guard when they discover it is successful. 
  As if things were not complicated enough, the visit to his father's home in Texas reveals another problem. Alex has been hiding more than a father. He has been hiding an entire lifestyle. His secrecy puts a strain on their marriage, and issues a challenge to Carmen. She has choices to make – choices that may determine whether their marriage survives.

To Thine Own Self:   Book 6

Carmen has inherited the responsibilities of American Wildlife Safari, a dream that originally belonged to Alex. She is trying to divide her love and attention between the business, Alex and the children. Alex and Katie are trying to turn Carmen into a modern mom and wife, but she isn’t sure she wants meet their expectations. She wants to do whatever pleases Alex – until she decides to ride alone where she has promised him she will never go alone. A tragic accident puts a strain on their marriage and opens the door to more problems. Their marriage may come to an end if they don’t get back on track.

Each of these books is a complete story. They can be read as one or a series.

The Carmen & Alex Series is about two people who care enough about each other to work at their marriage. From one book to the next, they get into situations that put a strain on their relationship, but they always find a way to work around it. Each book is a can't-put-down read that entertains and offers solutions to real life situations. Carmen and Alex are realistic characters who have believable reactions.
Carmen is a change-of-life baby - an only child born to an aging couple who finally got the child they wanted. They were conservative and religious people who sheltered Carmen. She has some morals that get in the way of her dreams...and sometimes common sense.
Alex is a salesman turned veterinarian. He was brought up by wealthy parents who died in a plane crash, leaving him to raise a rebellious sister. Through hard work and responsible choices, he built his share of the inheritance into a substantial nest-egg. Alex doesn't like to share his emotions. He is secretive to a fault, but he loves Carmen.
An Ounce of Prevention:   Book 7

When Carmen decides she and Alex are so busy that they aren't giving their children as much attention as they need, she thinks a family vacation is the solution. Alex is so wrapped up in the clinic that he doesn't want to go, but he's afraid if he doesn't, Carmen will go without him. And so, they take off in a rented van for Arizona. Their vacation gets a slow start and goes downhill from there. Hindsight is 20/20 and both Carmen and Alex see where a little consideration might have prevented a disaster. But it's too late to do that now. Once again they must work together to get through a problem, but this time the children are involved, and they all could die.

All 7 books now available as one eBook.
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