Women's Romantic Fiction delivered without profanity or explicit sex.

   Cassie isn’t impressed by the handsome young Frenchman who joined their freight team – not much, anyway. He’s far too arrogant for her taste – at first, anyway. Cassie doesn’t trust men, but for some reason, she is attracted to Chauncey. He has a familiar look about him.
      Cassie resists his offer of friendship, but she is intrigued by his knowledge and sense of humor. She has learned to keep up with the men in the freighting outfit, but Chauncey keeps besting her. Finally, he gains her trust – and then loses it. Can they regain what they had, or is she doomed to lose everything?
​Editor’s Review:

  "Cassie" is a breathless adventure. Set in the White Sands of New Mexico in the 1800's, this novella is sprinkled with humor and suspense. Cassie and Chauncey race through courtship amid scorpions, sand, burning sun and Indian raids. Trust, or the absence of it, is the base for this story. Cassie has been burned deeply by her father's infidelity. Chauncey gives her many reasons to trust him…and one big reason not to.
  A believable story with realistic characters, told with the usual style of Linda Louise Rigsbee.

Book Description:

  A woman taking a job dominated by men in the 1800 often faced criticism - by both men and women - but she still had the strengths and weaknesses of any woman.
  When her father abandoned his family and her mother died of grief, Cassie had to grow up fast. Their Texas ranch still had a mortgage, so she took a job with a freighting company and left her two younger siblings with a friend.
  She learned to tolerate the desert heat, manage a team of mules and ignore whispers behind feminine hands. She conquered her fear of the wild country and animals. With the aid of a bull whip, she staved off any overzealous male admirers. The one thing she couldn't conquer was her distrust of men.
  Then a band of renegade Apache chased a handsome Frenchman into her life and heart. He won her guarded trust when he saved her life. She was ready to say yes to his proposal of marriage...until she caught him with another woman. Could she shut him out of her life? Should she?

Reader Comments:

"What a story. Not to mention it was nice to read a story that was not focused around sex. You have an amazing talent that allows the reader to immerse themselves in your reading. thank you for a great read."

"I loved the book. I got so involved that when my dogs barked during the Indian attack it scared me. Living in New Mexico, it was nice to read about it. Thank you for such a good book."

"Loved the characters and the story-good adventure. I felt like I was really in the desert."

"I have never had any interest in novels of this genre but this I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you."

Amazon Reader Comments:

"Gives an insight into the difficulties of a woman's place in the early west, especially single women unaccompanied by a male companion. Clear, concise writing and a good, basic story line with characterization more reminiscent of westerns of an earlier era."

Public Bookshelf Comments:

"You leave just enough question mark situations to make someone not want to put the book down until it's finished to find out the truth. I needed to find out what the relationship was between Chauncey and Darcie - it was killing me. A definite great read!"

"I really like this novel. Enjoy reading the conversation between the hero n heroine. Funny."

"Great book, highly recommended .
I liked the characters and the adventure but most of all the sweet romance."

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Women's Fiction Novella
by Linda Louise Rigsbee
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   Cassie fought renegade Apache, a scalding desert and a team of stubborn mules, but it only took one handsome Frenchman to make her cry.​
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