What Does Cockadoodle Do?
A Youth Book for ages 8 and up
by Linda L. Rigsbee
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   Hi. My name is Kellogg and yes, I’m a bit cocky, but what can you expect from a young rooster? I was pretty much minding my own business one day when I was suddenly dragged kicking and squawking from my home and tossed in with a bunch of seasoned hens. Here I was, not much more than a young chick myself and I was expected to take charge. It’s a good thing I paid attention to Ma and Pa, because I had my job cut out for me as flock rooster. I never did anything half way in my life, but I had no idea what was about to hit me.
 Let me tell you what a flock rooster really does all day.
Book Description

What does Cockadoodle do besides crow and chase the hens? Let Kellogg explain in his humorous – and often cocky – way. Kellogg has a flock of hens to whip into shape and he’s not about to chicken out.

Linda L. Rigsbee wrote and illustrated this book about her rooster. While the events actually happened, she is guessing at how Kellogg perceived them. That makes it a "Sort of" true story.

Kellogg is a young inexperienced Welsummer rooster who takes on the challenge of flock rooster. Using the example his father gave him, he takes charge of older hens. He learns as he goes, as does "the human hen" who owns the flock. Their communication skills are lacking, but each finds their own way to keep the flock healthy and safe. They must learn to work together.

Editor's Review

What does a rooster do all day besides crow and court the hens? This chapter book is humorous and informative. It delivers information on what makes a good flock rooster from the perspective of Kellogg, a young rooster suddenly responsible for a flock.
Rigsbee is a multi genre writer who raises chickens in a rural setting. She is amused and entertained by her small flock – especially the rooster. She has woven her observations of a good flock rooster into a tale that is directed at youth from 8-10 years old. Fortunately, adults will find it every bit as entertaining and informative.
This "Sort Of True Story" is written and illustrated by Linda L. Rigsbee. It delivers a gentle moral that relates to all of us.

Reader Comments

From Amazon:

"Linda Rigsbee as a chicken farmer takes the reader into the life of chickens through the eyes of her beloved rooster from the time he is hatched until he has a flock of hens of his own. It is funny as well as educational - learning different breeds of chickens. Kids will love this realistic look at chickens with eyes of wonder."

HSL ID: 1043YCD0217
8,164 words, 42 pages
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A chapter book aimed at children ages 8-10, but adults will enjoy the humor and information about roosters as well. This is a great book to read out loud to family.
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