Caprine culinary made simple - This collection of recipes using goat milk and meat will give the novice cook an opportunity to shine. Added are a few goat myth busters and tips on how to keep your products fresh and tasty.

Author Linda L. Rigsbee raised goats for a while and produced a monthly newsletter about goats for several years. She has tried all the recipes in this book.

Handcrafted copy is comb-bound to lay flat for hands-free reading.

See sample recipe below.
Easy Cider Vinegar Cheese

1 Gallon Goat Milk
1/2 Cup Cider Vinegar
Salt and/or seasoning to taste
Cheese Cloth
Stainless Steel, Stovetop glass, or Enamelware Pan
   (Do not use iron or aluminum!)

Slowly heat milk to 185 degrees F.  Add Vinegar, keeping the temperature at 185 degrees F, while stirring occasionally.
After 10 to 15 minutes, a soft curd should form.
Line a colander with cheese cloth.  Pour the curd into it.  Sprinkle with salt and seasoning if you wish, and mix with a wooden spoon.  Tie the corners of the cloth together and hang for a few hours to drain.
Refrigerate.  Ready to eat immediately, and will keep about a week.
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Cooking With Goat Products
A Cook Book
by Linda L. Rigsbee
Editor’s Review:

The author has used her experience and research to produce a cook book of recipes for goat milk and meat, but she doesn't stop there. Included are tips on keeping the milk fresh tasting and why goat meat needs to be handled differently than beef. She even tosses in some myth busters.
Rigsbee not only raised goats, but produced a monthly newsletter about goats from her home office in the days before everyone had internet. 
This is a small, specialized cook book that provides recipes for main dishes and deserts.


Cooking with goat milk and meat is made simple in this small specialized cookbook. It is more than a cookbook, though. Rigsbee explains the difference between goat and cattle products in a way that aids the cook in successful alterations of other recipes.
Rigsbee has tried each of these recipes. The information she shares about goats comes from personal experience and years of research. The author of former "Goat Udderings Newsletter" has written a cook book that will make a nice gift or keepsake.
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​A useful guide for the novice goat owner, this book also provides information not commonly known about goat milk, meat and other facts.
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