Carmen is the wife of a wealthy man whom she loves more than she ever imagined possible. They have everything they could want - except the possibility of natural children. Alex wants to adopt, but due to a past experience, Carmen is hesitant. 

    For a brief period, it looks like they won’t have to adopt. Carmen is euphoric until Alex claims the baby isn’t his. When Carmen loses their baby, she enters the darkest experience of her life. Trust and respect have escaped their relationship and if they don’t retrieve it, their marriage will fail. Will they learn how to endure this tragedy together?


The mind can endure a limited amount of pain before it begins to shut things out. For Carmen, her darkest hour is the loss of the baby she always wanted, but that is only part of her ordeal.

Carmen and Alex both want a baby, but the doctors say Alex is sterile. He wants to adopt a baby but Carmen isn’t convinced the doctor is right. She has seen the down side of adoption and she is hoping for a different solution to the prospect of children. Alex is patient with Carmen until she conceives shortly after his two week business trip to South America. At that point he is certain that the baby isn’t his. To his way of thinking, the one person he thought he could trust has betrayed him.

Carmen is shocked that Alex thinks she could be unfaithful. She is trying to understand his point of view, but he is making her life miserable. Trust and respect are no longer a part of their marriage.

When Carmen loses the baby, she blames Alex and unconsciously pushes the entire experience from her mind. They are no longer a couple, but entities instead. They must find their way back to sharing, but that means Carmen must face the painful truth.

“The Darkest Hour” is the third in the popular Carmen and Alex Series of clean romance novels. It is emotion-packed and dark at times, but it points a path toward rebuilding a marriage after a disaster.


Carmen would like to be a stay-at-home mom. She has the perfect circumstances. She’s married to a wealthy man and they have a comfortable life. What they lack is the ability to have biological children – or so the doctors say. Carmen doggedly insists they can’t be sure.
After Alex returns from a 2-week business trip in South America, Carmen is surprised and delighted to learn she is pregnant. Unfortunately, when she reveals the fact to Alex, he is convinced the baby was conceived while he was gone. Carmen endures his constant rebuff, thinking he will eventually believe the truth.
Meanwhile, their marriage is being torn apart by disrespect and distrust. Alex is willing to forgive her for what she did, but he wants her to admit it first.
When Carmen loses the baby, she blames him. They are gradually drifting apart to the point of no return.
A lot of emotion is packed into this story. Grab a box of Kleenex for their darkest hour and ride through the storm with them.

Reader Comments:

"You did an amazing job of creating a realistic but beautiful story. Your characters are very three dimensional. I truly fell in love with both Carmen and Alex. Just keep it up and I hope your stories just keep getting better."

"This a wonderful book. I read it non-stop. It moved me to tears. You sure know how to capture your audience n keep them glued to the book. Kudos. You are a great writer."

From Public Bookshelf:

"That was intense and really beautiful. Nothing better than a happy ending."

"First book that i have read on English, it was random choose, definitely good luck for me."

39,330 words
 156 pages
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The Darkest Hour
Book 3 - Carmen & Alex Series 
by Linda Louise Rigsbee
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    Carmen and Alex had a perfect marriage until he left on a 2-week business trip to South America without her. The days were long without him, but when he returned, she began the darkest hours of her life.
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