Floppy-eared Ezekiel Bunny hops from one friend to another in a quest to find happiness for everyone. During his journey, he discovers what Easter is really about. This fictional tale offers a way that colored eggs could have become a symbol of Easter.
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How The Easter Bunny Got His Tale
A Children's Book 
by Linda L. Rigsbee
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Ezekiel Bunny brings the religious significance of Easter back into the lives of children in a colorful booklet about learning to be content with what we have. This fictional story offers a possible reason we might associate colored eggs and bunnies with the religious reason we celebrate Easter.
Rigsbee illustrated this booklet using MS Paint program and a wheel mouse.

Editor's Review 

Author Linda L. Rigsbee illustrated this book using MS Paint program and a wheel mouse. The book is intended for an audience age of 3-6 years, but there is a message in this story that strikes a chord with all of us. A colorful and entertaining booklet about what is required to be happy, and the significance of Easter.

    Ezekiel Bunny hops through a tale about the religious significance of Easter and how to be happy.  Suggested ages 3-8
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