Planet Arcane harbored the kind of story that Willow's subscribers would love. That was why she flirted her way aboard a spaceship headed that way, not because she wanted to bring her own Mascot back to Oriel.
Adan had been chased by dinosaurs less intimidating than Willow, but she intrigued him. He'd only met one other woman who openly flirted with him the way Willow did...but why would a beautiful young colonist be interested in a 215-year-old Mascot?
In order to survive as a couple, they must blend conflicting cultures; overcome the stigma of two species and develop new skills together. Is it possible for love to conquer all that? 

Book Description:
Willow and Adan are from two different worlds - literally. They are both humans, but Willow is a native of Planet Oriel and Adan is a native of Planet Arcane. That is enough to complicate their marriage, but her grandfather insists they are two different species.
  Adan is a Mascot; a human genetically modified with animal genes. His love for Willow takes him to Oriel. Adapting to a different culture and language may not be nearly as difficult as working with the company that illegally created Mascots and murdered his family.
  Willow fears Adan may grow tired of her, since his life expectancy is so much longer than hers. Her love for him is so great that she is determined to make their union work, even if she has to go back to Arcane with him. She doesn't want to leave her family and home, so she will have to make some changes in her life.
  Adan has found love again and he is determined to fit into life on Oriel. To do that, he must learn a new culture and negotiate with a difficult female employer – all while trying to placate a young naïve wife. 
Can their relationship survive the cultural clash of two planets; almost two hundred years age difference and a merging of species?

Editor’s Review:
Two worlds collide in this romantic science fiction novel. Willow is a young beautiful journalist from Planet Oriel who meets and falls in love with a 215-year-old man from Planet Arcane. He is a Mascot – a human genetically contaminated with the genes of a cat.
Adan is intrigued by Willow from the beginning, but has never considered taking a mate that is not a Mascot. Even though he is nearly 200 years older than Willow now, he will probably outlive her by 60 to 100 years. 
Can true love overcome the challenge of cultural and species difference? 

This story is a spin-off of the "Spaceship Lyra Logs" series and ties in with Log #5 – "Intimate Domain." It is a believable and thought-provoking exploration of the challenges two worlds might create.
Words: 74,654
Pages: 264
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A Romantic Fantasy Novel
by Linda Rigsbee
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Love transcends worlds, but not without a good deal of effort. Willow and Adan must merge the cultures of two planets into something that works for both of them.
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