Fiction Stories
Short Story Collections:
    Youth Yarns - Short youth and children's stories
    Heartland Romance - Short Romance Stories
    Horse Opera - Short Western Stories
     Her Best-Laid Plans 
    Cassie (Western Romance)  

     Fool's Gold
     Nightriders of the Double Spur
     Savage Wilderness (Frontier)

     Drums of the Makai (Fantasy)
     Moqui & The Kachina Doll
     What Does Cockadoodle Do?

General Fiction:
    Kayla, The Landlord Slayer

Clean Romance:                                                                
     A Dangerous Love
     Courtship of the Recluse
     A Tutelarious Love
     Romancing the Tree Hugger  

Series Romance: (Carmen & Alex Series Clean Romance)
       Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Book 1)
       Something Old, Something New (Book 2)
       The Darkest Hour (Book 3)
       For Better or Worse (Book 4)
       A Change of Hearts (Book 5)
       To Thine Own Self (Book 6)
       An Ounce of Prevention (Book 7)

     Blood Red

    The Mascot Trilogy:
        The Purlieu Experiment (Book 1)
        The Anialwch Connection (Book 2)
        Return Of The Fontalo  (Book 3)
    Spaceship Lyra Logs
        The Amelioration Expedition  (Book 1)
        The Genesis Project   (Book 2)
        Quixotic Rebellion  (Book 3)
        The Macabre Organism (Book 4)

    Children's Books:
        Our Alphabetical Farm
        How the Easter Bunny Got his Tale
        The Frog In the Bog
        Roly Poly & The Ant
        The Turtle Reunion

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    Flash Fiction:
        Christmas In A Flash - A collection of flash fiction Christmas stories

        Reflections - A collection of poems and quotes by Linda Rigsbee