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Read Online Only books by Linda Rigsbee
Hosted by DEAR TALES
Many of Linda Rigsbee's books are free to read online. No membership or information is required to read them and the sites are advertising free. You may show your appreciation by commenting in the Guest Book or reviewing it at your favorite retailer. You do not have to buy a book to review it on Amazon, but you will need an Amazon account.

NOTE: It is a violation of copyright to copy these books to a computer, memory device or another web page without permission from the author.

Each post offers an opportunity to purchase the book in different formats. Most books are available in eBook format. Donations are appreciated, but not expected. Donations go to an account that helps pay for the web sites. 

From the Author
I have been offering free reads for over 30 years. Sometimes people read the books and then buy a copy. These free reads offer an opportunity for readers to sample the writing style. My books are all free of profanity and explicit sex, making it an ideal site for youth to read. They are also great for shut-ins. Although there may be sad situations in the story, the books always end upbeat and offer realistic solutions that might apply to anyone's life. The romance stories are clean, focusing on healthy relationships that endure time.
I hope you enjoy these books and pass the information on to others. These books also make great gifts, so if you enjoyed the book, you might want to purchase a copy for someone else. I even offer autographed copies. (The price is higher due to the fact that I must pay shipping twice - once when I buy the book and then again when I mail it to the customer.)

Browse all my free books at DEAR TALES site.  Thank you for your interest.

Author Linda Rigsbee (aka L. L. Rigsbee, Linda L. Rigsbee & Linda Louise Rigsbee)