Carmen and Alex are happy with their marriage. They have everything they want – even children, through adoption. Then the mother of their youngest child returns, wanting to reclaim her child. It is the situation that Carmen always feared about adoption, but the 6-month waiting period has long passed. Lori has no legal claim on Destiny, but she can fight with illegal methods.
   When a man attacks Carmen, Alex rushes to the rescue – right into a waiting knife. After nearly losing his life, he goes into a coma. Carmen knows Alex wouldn’t want to live that way, but there is hope he will recover. The marital vow “for better or worse” isn’t as romantic now as it was on their wedding day. Whether or not he emerges from the coma, he is her husband. Will he wake, and if not, will her love for him fade?
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42,453 words, 164 pages
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Carmen’s worst fears about adoption are realized when Lori returns to retrieve her daughter. Destiny is two years old - far past the six month waiting period. That doesn’t stop Lori from trying…and causing a tragedy.

Carmen’s love for Alex is put to the test in this story when Alex goes into a coma after being stabbed. Alex was head of the household and Carmen liked it that way. Now she must make the decisions and take care of their estate. Alex may never wake, and if he does, he may never be the same.

The author has experience with life altering medical events. Her husband was disabled at age 38 with heart disease. In an eerie coincidence, her husband was paralyzed in a surgical procedure only a year and a half after she wrote this book.

“For Better or Worse” is the fourth in the popular Carmen & Alex Series of clean romance novels. 


The vow “for better or worse” sounds romantic until “worse” becomes an indefinite coma. Carmen begins to realize that there are worse things than death.

When Lori returns to reclaim two-year-old Destiny, Carmen and Alex consult a lawyer. The six month waiting time has passed, but Lori insists Carmen had promised that she could come back and get her later. But Alex didn’t agree and it was a legal adoption. Lori is determined and even a restraining order doesn’t stop her. When she resorts to unorthodox methods, it results in Carmen being attacked and Alex being stabbed while trying to rescue her. Alex lives, but he remains in a coma after the stabbing. Carmen isn’t accustomed to making all the decisions. Alex has been the one they all turned to for final decisions. Now she must be both mother and father.

As if all this isn’t enough, Carmen discovers Alex has kept a secret from her since the beginning of their relationship. She doesn’t know why and Alex can’t explain.
Things look pretty bleak, but to Carmen’s way of thinking, as long as you don’t give up, you haven’t failed.

Reader Comments

"These series would make a great soap opera story. I absolutely love it! I love the twists and turns and the new suspenseful situations. Thank you for sharing your creative works."

"I've never really read a story like yours.You were able to make the characters more real, more human to me by the way you described their feeling and thoughts. It was really refreshing and I enjoyed reading every book. I can't wait to read the next book in this series."

"I have a hard time reading books, and if the writer doesn't capture my attention in the first couple of pages, i will not read the book! Well, I have to say,this series has really got my attention right from the beginning. I couldn't stop reading. I read the whole series, and can't wait for the next book!"

"Wonderful!!! Amazing! I started reading the first book as a little break from studying for my final exams. It turned out that I couldn't stop reading it after my allotted time. I just had to read all the books. It's a powerful story! It captures what really goes on between two people who are in love and all the people who are important in their lives. A glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of extraordinary people. Love will prevail!"

For Better Or Worse
Book 4 - Carmen & Alex Series 
by Linda Louise Rigsbee
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The vow "for better or worse" isn't so romantic when worse is unresponsive in a hospital bed. Carmen must bring her husband back.
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