​When Donte discovers that a distress signal has been received from Arcane, his first thought is that Fontalo lied about the planet being uninhabitable - the way they lied about Purlieu. He is supreme commander of the Lyra, a research and rescue spaceship that has spent the last three years assisting the colonization of Opus. Someone needs help, so he feels compelled to respond.

The death of Hayley's grandfather makes her the sole survivor of the Fontalo scientific team on Arcane. She and her grandfather were taken to a hidden canyon ten years ago to escape the Sentinels. With his death, her actions will no longer put anyone else at risk, so she sends a distress signal.

What Donte and his crew discover on Arcane sets off a chain of historic events. It is, by far, his most challenging mission - and the most tragic.
Editor’s Review 

Once again, spaceship Lyra is going to assist another planet. The Lyra is a research and rescue ship; freshly back from assisting the colonization of Planet Opus. The crew is looking forward to a few months recuperation when they received a distress signal from planet Arcane. They have no idea what to expect. The only information they have about the planet is that it will not support human life.

As the title suggests, Arcane takes them back to the beginning. There they find the records about the creation of the mascots - and much more. What they find on Arcane is shocking, frightening and life altering.

This is the second book in the Spaceship Lyra Logs, a series spun from The Mascot Trilogy, science fiction.


Book 2 of the Spaceship Lyra Logs has some startling answers to old questions. Planet Arcane is where Fontalo began experiments combining humans and animal genes. The Sentinels are their first failure; the mascots their final success.
Over sixty years ago, when something went wrong on Purlieu, Fontalo abandoned their experiments on Arcane and left their scientific team stranded on a hostile planet. When only one descendant of the team remains, she gets desperate enough to send a distress signal.

The Lyra is a research and rescue spaceship and its supreme commander could never ignore a cry for help. A two month furlough is replaced with two weeks preparation for a new mission. Donte must find a new spaceship commander, alert the new crew and address a growing problem in Bergen simultaneously.
Due in part to his unique skills, Donte is an unconventional commander, often putting himself in danger. Such is the case when they reach Arcane and try to resolve its problems.
Arcane is one of the greatest challenges Donte has ever faced. This mission is one of the most tragic. He knows only one way to restore order to Arcane, but will the mother planet Oriel agree?

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The Genesis Project
Book 2 - Spaceship Lyra Logs
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