A Young Adult Literary Coloring Book that delivers some interesting and surprising information about giraffes.
    Written and illustrated by award-winning author Linda L. Rigsbee.
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   Did you know there are 9 sub-species of giraffes, and that they are on the IUCN endangered species list? Do you know what sound a giraffe makes? Have you ever wondered why giraffes look like they are running in slow-motion?
   This young adult literary coloring book not only reveals some surprising facts about giraffes, but offers pages to color while you ponder them.
   Written and illustrated by award-winning author Linda L. Rigsbee, this book would make a nice addition to any library.

Book Description 

Everyone can identify the giraffe with its distinctive tall figure and colorful spots, but how much do we actually know about this strange-looking animal? What did it evolve from and is there any other animal like it on Earth? What are ossicones and what do people mean when they say giraffes are "necking?" Why is the giraffe considered an endangered species when there are so many?
In over 40 pages and 21 pictures to color, this young adult literary coloring book explores these questions and more. The giraffe is a fascinating and surprising animal; one you will love even more when you get to know it.
Written and illustrated by award-winning author Linda L. Rigsbee, this book is both entertaining and educational.

Editor’s Review 

   "Giraffe Facts" is a delightful young adult literary coloring book that presents some little-known and often surprising information about giraffes. Entertaining and educational, it could be a nice keep-sake after hours of relaxing coloring.
   Each of the nine sub-species of giraffes are identified and explored. Each has a picture of that species to color. Illustrations of adult and baby giraffes capture their everyday lives in some amusing and heartwarming ways.
   This isn't Rigsbee's first literary coloring book, but it is her first young adult in that genre. As usual, she did the research, wrote the book and drew all the pictures.

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Giraffe Facts
A Young Adult Literary Coloring Book
by Linda L. Rigsbee
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