Western & Frontier Fiction delivered without profanity or explicit sex.

The story “The Useless Horse” pits a seasoned cowboy and his dependable horse against a reckless teen and his ATV. In “The Shaman,” an embittered and possibly dying scout seeks the village Shaman but gets more than medical advice. In “Apache Pass,” when a stagecoach is robbed and then attacked by Indians, the outlaws must work with their victims in a surprising outcome.
 “Horse Opera” is a captivating collection of ten short western stories suitable for the entire family.

Book Description

      When his stagecoach is stopped by robbers and attacked by Indians, Long knows the occupants must depend on his ingenuity. He’s been riding shotgun for the stage line a long time and he’s never lost a stagecoach…yet. “Apache Pass” is one of ten stories in this collection of short western stories.
      In “The Heavy Gun,” a lone figure walks away from a burned out wagon. That person has one heavy gun and a heavy conscience.
      In “Perilous Trail,” Spencer’s wife wants him to hire help, but since they carved a ranch out of wild country without paying anyone so far, he figures there is nothing out there that he can’t handle - until he sees a beast he can’t identify.
      As a boy, Larkin witnessed the hanging of an innocent man. When he returns to the town where the hanging took place, he is in a position to exact “Revenge at Sweetwater;” but against whom?
      Mahto has been a scout for the army long enough to know that when an Indian gets sick, he’s out of a job. Now his future lies in the hands of “The Shaman.”
      Davis learns a little something about himself when he meets a bronco he can’t bust, in “Duel at the Corral.”
      Reed McEuen hates nesters, so why should he be the one to guide a greenhorn lady and her father out of Comanche Country? Still, he can’t leave “The Nester” out there.
      The boss’ son thinks ranching with horses is old fashioned, but Cord Decker knows better. The teen thinks “The Useless Horse” is no match for his ATV, but he learns a hard lesson.
      Clara’s husband leaves her alone at their desert fortress while he goes to get “The New Stock.” When renegade Indians attack, Clara’s best weapons are patience and ingenuity.
      The occupants of wagon trains had to face many challenges as they made their way west. How could they defeat a “Prairie Fire?”

  The book “Horse Opera,” is a collection of well written short western stories suitable for the entire family.

Editor's Review

“Horse Opera” is an intriguing collection of short western stories suitable for the entire family. Each story explores how individual personalities react to a crisis. Regardless of the era or setting, people respond to adversity in their own ways. They use ingenuity, tenacity, patience or whatever it takes to survive. These stories are a collection of circumstances and individuals crafted into gripping tales of the west.

“Prairie Fire,” is a story about a wagon train that must find a place to escape a prairie fire. “The Heavy Gun” is the story of the lone survivor of an Indian attack, shocked, grieving and searching for help in the desert. “Duel at the Corral is a personal challenge between a bronco buster and a horse. In “The Shaman,” an American Indian scout struggles with physical illness and bitterness. Each story contains a struggle and a lesson.

L. L. Rigsbee’s tight writing style and insight into her characters make the stories believable and realistic. “Horse Opera” is a great afternoon read or ten individual reads.

Reader Comments:

"I'm a retired cowboy from the high desert region of central Oregon. I'm currently in Russia as a missionary with the LDS Church. I enjoyed the flavor of your stories and they for a few moments helped me remember the smell of the sage and the feel of a horse. Thank-you"

I" really enjoy a good short story. you get the excitement, the plot, and the ending in a well put together story without the other "stuff" getting in the way. all of your stories have a moral lesson with excitement and a plot in one short story and everyone of them was a pleasure to read."

"Hard to choose a favorite, they are all good."

"You are the best author."
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Horse Opera
A Collection of Short Western Stories
by L. L. Rigsbee
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Out of the west and into our hearts. These fictional westerns depict, if not how it was, at least how it could have been. At one time, westerns were called "Horse Operas." These stories are short dramas of the west.
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