When Spaceship Lyra returns from planet Purlieu, it doesn't find Arcane the peaceful planet it left. A drought has provided a way for hungry dinosaurs to escape their isolated continent. An attempt to contain the dinosaurs reveals a civilization they didn't know existed – more of Fontalo's experimental humans, and these are territorial.
Supreme Commander Donte uses the superiority of the Lyra crew and equipment to protect a construction crew. Just when he thinks things are under control, everything falls apart. His family is targeted by an enemy he can neither define nor locate. He is unable to prevent a tragic event – and possibly his own demise.

Book Description:

When Spaceship Lyra takes its trained troops back to Planet Purlieu for a celebration and fresh troops, it picks up three visitors. Each visitor has a goal, but only one may benefit Planet Arcane.
Donte has his own problems when Rianne, who stayed on Arcane, becomes ill and may lose the twins she is carrying. As if that isn't enough, the peace on Arcane is fractured by escaped dinosaurs and a hostile presence that no one suspected.
When Donte and his family become targets, something must be done before lives are lost. Donte's reaction leaves him contemplating morality. Is it possible that he is no better than the people he is fighting?
Hesitation may be his undoing. Who will command the Lyra, if not Donte?

Editor’s Review:

​What could be worse than man-eating dinosaurs running loose? Apparently, the answer is humans. Not any surprise there, but these aren't normal humans. These humans are the result of experiments gone wrong centuries ago.
Donte and his family are also the result of experiments by the same people using animal genes and natives of planet Arcane. They are the success story for Fontalo, but are the others failures?
Donte, Supreme Commander of a fleet of spaceships, has special skills that help him sense presence and communicate with the natives of Arcane. Unfortunately, his special skills are not as effective with the hostile people. When he and his family become targets, drastic action must be taken.
The resolution is unexpected and leaves the Lyra and its base scrambling to fill a void.

This is the fifth book in Rigsbee's "Spaceship Lyra Logs" series. Written in multiple viewpoints, it helps readers see things from different perspectives.
Words: 68,139
 Pages: 243
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Intimate Domain
Spaceship Lyra Log 005
by Linda Rigsbee
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The first time Donte goes to Planet Purlieu for a celebration may be the last. He returns to tragedy - and possibly a permanent change in command.
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