The view from main highways in Kansas usually gives travelers the idea that it is a boring state. It is best known for tornadoes and vast prairies. In truth, Kansas has much to offer in scenery and history – if the traveler is willing to venture off the beaten path.
   Be prepared to have any preconceived ideas about Kansas blown from your mind as this travelogue unveils places of interest only a few miles off the main highways. What might appear to be uninteresting endless miles of prairie can conceal awe inspiring lakes, scenery and history. It’s all out there – hidden in plain sight.

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Editor’s Review

This book would make a great travel companion for anyone venturing into Kansas. It guides the traveler from main highways to see places of interest to break up a long trip. From east to west or north to south, it reveals little known treasures that are truly hidden in plain sight.
The flat semi-arid plains of western Kansas are interrupted by the stunning sedimentary towers of the Kansas badlands and the breathtaking beauty of serene Lake Scott.
Author Linda L. Rigsbee was born in Kansas but didn’t know about all these places until she and her husband made Kansas a destination for vacation rather than a route to another state. What she reveals in this book will surprise most readers. For those who already know, it will bring a smile to their lips with fond memories.

Book Description

History and mystery sprawl out over Kansas like quicksilver, rolling from the flat plains into hidden valleys of hills and canyons. Kansas is full of surprises, from the high plains of the west to the historic cities of the east. Imagining you've seen it from the interstate highways is like exploring a city through the peek-hole in a hotel door.
The Chalk Pyramids, Big Brutus and the flint Hills are only a few Kansas attractions. Its colorful past is exposed to the bone of prehistoric time
This book reveals many interesting places for those willing to take a break and step off the beaten path. It is a sure way to turn a long trip into a pleasant memory. Kansas stretches from grand cities to the awesome fields of agriculture. Whether your interest follows the extreme of storm chasing, the love of history or the serenity of pleasant scenery, you'll find it in Kansas.

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KANSAS, Hidden In Plain Sight
A Travel Book
by Linda L. Rigsbee
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Kansas has many interesting places to visit only a short distance from main highways. This book explores the possibilities, a highway at a time.
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