Spaceship Lyra missions involve different cultures on different planets, so the crew might be exposed to a multitude of pathogens. Since the crew consists mostly of Mascots with improved immune systems, they are resistant. When Rianne is infected with a strange organism, no one knows how to fight it or where it originated. They have been on three planets in as many months.

Donte can sense the presence and moods of animals. He can sense when a person tells a lie. His supernatural skills give him a huge advantage in resolving the challenges presented on Spaceship Lyra missions, but they are useless in the fight against an organism. His superpowers are of little use when he is called to resolve an issue on planet Purlieu, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. He must work hard at using the skills everyone else possesses. Lives depend on him – even his own.

Book Description:

According to Spaceship Lyra policy, wherever Donte goes, so does the Lyra and its crew. Consequently, the Lyra has embarked on one mission, only to be sent on another – and another. As Supreme Commander, Donte bears the responsibility of prioritizing missions, but life has a way of prioritizing things on its own.

The search and rescue mission to planet Quay is so simple that Donte thinks the Lyra will be back at Arcane in no time – that is, until Rianne doesn’t wake one morning. She has been infected with an organism and they don’t know what it is, how to fight it or even where she got it. While they are still trying to resolve that problem, Purlieu calls with an urgent situation they want Donte to resolve. The Lyra heads for Purlieu.

While working on the problem on Purlieu, another emergency calls the Lyra away. It is the first time Donte doesn’t have the backup of their specialized crew. The Lyra doesn’t need him, but he discovers he needs the Lyra. Donte’s superpowers are not required to resolve the problem on Purlieu, so he must handle the situation the way anyone else would.

With the Lyra off on a mission, Donte faces yet another emergency. Purlieu is threatened by a meteor shower caused by the first disaster. Now he faces multiple problems, but he isn’t alone – he has people who want to help and people who want him dead. All he has to do is figure out which is which.

Editor’s Review 

“The Macabre Organism” challenges the Spaceship Lyra crew in a way it has never experienced. Its highly trained medical staff and elite facilities have not been been able to slow Rianne’s deteriorating health after being infected by an unidentified organism. They have no idea why Rianne is the only one who has been infected or where the organism originated.

This simple search and rescue mission quickly becomes one mission after another – each tied to the last, yet disparate.

For Supreme Commander Donte, the missions progressively demonstrate that his super powers are not enough to resolve the problems he faces. When the Lyra is sent on a mission without him, he must learn to function on his own without the superpowers.

Another engaging science fiction/fantasy story in the Spaceship Lyra Log series by author Linda Rigsbee.

83,455 words
 242 pages
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The Macabre Organism
Spaceship Lyra Log 004
by Linda Rigsbee
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A tiny organism does what no one else has been able to do. It backs Donte into a corner and puts him on his knees. Donte cannot rely on his supernatural skills. He must rely on his crew and learn to resolve problems without superpowers.
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