When industries were unable to meet a sudden demand for face masks, private citizens stepped up and filled the need. Those who already knew how to sew pulled out remnants and went to work. Those who didn't either learned how or assisted in some way. It isn't in the culture of Americans to surrender without a fight – and fight they did.
"Mask Makers of the 2020 Pandemic" is a tribute to all the people who made masks during the pandemic, not only those mentioned in this book. These are the personal accounts of Mask Makers – what inspired them, their struggles and personal challenges.
It is easy to understand why they rose to the occasion, but what kept them going through months of labor, expense and sacrifice?
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 111,700 words,  68 color pages
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Mask Makers
of the
2020 Pandemic
Editor’s Review:

​This book could become a family heirloom. Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant; the personal perspectives of the mask makers during the Covid-19 pandemic event give it historical value.
"Mask Makers of the 2020 Pandemic" is a compilation of stories from mask makers in different areas of the USA. Each accounting is different, but they all have a common thread of personal sacrifice for the good of others.
As a writer and a mask maker, the author recognized this topic as both historical and human interest. This is not the first time she has tackled an event that could be covered from a personal perspective. She wrote "Another Mountain" about recovery from paraplegia based on personal experience. As with Another Mountain, the author focuses on positive responses to a tragic situation.


The year 2020 will undoubtedly enter history books defined by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the United States, it brought many challenges. There may always be questions about the virus origin and what should or should not have been done to stop it, but the profound effect on private citizens and their response is indisputable. In many cases, there was nothing the general public could do but hope and pray. A shortage of face masks gave people the opportunity to do something.
Over the years, the cost of fabric and equipment and the availability of finished product in stores changed the priorities of many Americans. They could buy an article of clothing for less than it would cost to make it. Sewing had not become a lost art, but it had become specialized.
During the mask shortage, those who knew how to sew and had the equipment saw what appeared to be a simple solution – handcrafted masks. They had remnants everywhere. Internet provided free mask patterns, and so they began to turn out masks by the thousands.
As the weeks of mask making turned into months, mask makers began to struggle with isolation, fatigue and the sacrifice of a normal life.
In "Mask Makers of the 2020 Pandemic," some mask makers tell their personal stories and, most importantly, what kept them going.

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They set aside their personal lives to meet the needs of their country in distress. These are personal accounts of Mask Makers during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic.
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