Moqui wants to do the fun things that other Hopi girls of her age enjoy instead of boring things like grinding corn into meal. She is 10 summers old and her younger brother gets to go on hunts even though he is only 8 summers old.
   When a refugee Zuni family joins them, Moqui becomes friends with their daughter. Hanovi is older than Moqui and she gets to do fun things. Fun things include responsibilities she has never faced, and sacrifices she may not be willing to make.
   An authentic tale of growing up in the 1700’s in a Hopi Indian pueblo village.
HSL ID:  1011YMK0797
8,953 words, 46 pages
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Moqui & The Kachina Doll
A Youth/Juvenile Novellette (Age  8-12)
by Linda Rigsbee
Editor’s Review

This young adult novella is laced with Hopi culture. Set in northwestern Arizona in the 1700’s, it is not only entertaining but educational as well.
Moqui is a 10-year old Hopi girl who doesn’t understand why her mother won’t let her do the fun things that other girls her age get to do. When a Zuni girl from another pueblo comes to Moqui’s home with her family, Moqui notes that Hanovi gets to do fun things. Hanovi befriends her and teaches her how to enjoy her work. As Moqui gains more privileges, she discovers that they include responsibility – and a sacrifice she isn’t sure she is willing to make.

Book Description

  Moqui is a 10-year-old Hopi Indian girl living in a pueblo in northwest Arizona during the 1700’s, but in some ways the problems she faces are not much different from the problems girls face today.
  Moqui wants to fit in with the other girls her age. She wants to do fun things, but her mother thinks she is too young. She is upset about all the boring chores she has been given and wants to be trusted with the care of the Kachina Dolls.
When a Zuni refugee family from another pueblo joins them, Moqui becomes friends with Hanovi, who is four years older. Hanovi is cheerful about her chores and finds ways to make them challenging and fun. Hanovi befriends Moqui and soon she is being included in more interesting chores.
  At first it is fun, but soon Moqui realizes the fun includes responsibilities. Life becomes more complicated. She is so caught up with her own struggles that she doesn’t realize how difficult life has been for Hanovi and her family.
At the peak of Moqui’s achievement, the truth is unveiled and Moqui must decide if she wants to make a huge sacrifice to help Hanovi.

  This story unfolds with history and authentic Hopi customs. It is a fast read for a suggested audience of ages 8 to 12.

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Even in a remote pueblo in the 1700's, a ten-year-old girl must struggle to be taken seriously. Moqui wants more privileges, but she must learn that responsibilities go with them. 
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