An Arkansas goat dairy was an unusual place to begin a romance. What could a country hick and a sophisticated salesman have in common? Carmen was dirt poor and too independent to benefit from his wealth. Alex was once bitten by the bitter love bug and twice shy about getting into another serious relationship. Carmen had been raised by aging parents with old-fashioned morals. She was ready to settle down and start a family. Oh, what a tangled web they wove.

Book Description:
The arrival of spring kids gave hope of finally putting the goat dairy business in the black, but finance didn't make the top of Carmen's list of woes. Josh was ready to get married and so was she, but maybe not to him. They had been childhood playmates and everyone assumed they would soon be husband and wife. That was when her roommate's brother arrived for a visit. From the beginning sparks flew between them - the kind of sparks she had begun to think only existed in fairy tales. But Alex had once been bitten by the love bug and wasn't ready to go through that hurt again. He wanted the relationship without the commitment. Carmen was conservative enough to believe the relationship should come after the commitment - even when you're 25.

Editor's Review:
"Once Bitten, Twice Shy" is loaded with good clean romance. It is the first in the "Carmen and Alex Series" romance novels.
At 25, Carmen is a bit naive, but capable and independent. She was an only child...a change-of-life baby raised by aging parents who were old fashioned and deeply religious. When her parents died, she inherited 80 acres of brush and an old house in need of more repair than she had funds to do the job. A friend suggested a goat dairy as a means to make the place pay for itself. As the story begins, the dairy is starting to pay off, but her romance with a lifelong friend is falling apart. Carmen is in an emotional slump when her friend's brother comes to spend a few weeks with them. At first she thinks of him as a city boy who will be underfoot in a busy dairy. But the country hick and the sophisticated salesman are romantically attracted to each other from the beginning.
There is more information about goats in this romance novel than a county livestock flyer. Set in Northwest Arkansas in 1996, the story touches on a little area lore and a lot of country life. A page-turner, readers say it is difficult to stop reading until the end.

Reader Comments:

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I am reading the rest of the books just because of this one."

"I love the characters and the fact that it isn't as perfect as many romance novels make love be. It shows that in the up or down part, you can make it work if you have each other. Fascinating isn't it.
Definitely would recommend this book"

"I loved the series. It opened up to a world of life, hardships, love, marriage and it doesn't give the impression that everything is rosy in life. Loved that aspect."

"This book, like all others by Linda, is one of those beautifully written stories that inspire others. I have really enjoyed all her stories."

"It was a sweet story; very well told. It's not often I'm able to find clean romances. Thank-you for sharing the story you wrote."
51,595 words
168 pages
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Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Linda Louise Rigsbee
Book 1 - Carmen & Alex Series
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The goat dairy provided enough financial turbulence. Carmen couldn't afford the emotional storm created by the arrival of a wealthy salesman. Everything about Alex thundered incompatibility, so why were they so attracted to each other?
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