Mini Book Christmas Tree Ornaments
Miniature handcrafted book Christmas tree ornaments are 1 inch wide by 1-1/2 inches tall.  Has ring to hang with ornament hanger.   Each has a full flash fiction story that can actually be read without a magnifying glass.  These ornaments don't simply LOOK LIKE books.  They ARE books.
"The Visitor" by Linda L. Rigsbee

Lisa is trying to teach her twin boys that bright lights, expensive toys and fancy meals aren't what Christmas is about, but she may learn more from them than they learn from her.
"Christmas is for the Kids" by Linda L. Rigsbee

Candy and Eric are struggling through their first Christmas without children in the house.  Eric finds a solution that helps not only them, but others as well.
"LampLight" by Linda L. Rigsbee

When the electricity goes out and Zelda lights the lamp, the error of her ways is illuminated. 
"The Harvest" by Linda L. Rigsbee

Christmas Eve provides a special lesson when a family is stranded during a snow storm.
"Poinsettia" by Linda L. Rigsbee

When a young girl befriends an "old" lady, she finds more than a career choice.  She learns a valuable Christmas lesson.
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"The Brightest Lights" by Linda Rigsbee

A Christmas light contest gets out of hand and threatens a friendship.
"Christmas On The Farm" by Linda Rigsbee

For the farmer, Christmas is like any other day. Animals must be fed and cared for. Still, Christmas surprises can occur anywhere.
"Fanciful Christmas" by Linda Rigsbee

On the planet of Nadeje, life is different from Earth, but they haven't forgotten their Christmas roots.
"In The Twilight" by Linda Rigsbee

When a woman has a stroke, she is limited by her negative outlook. She has a Christmas revelation that changes her mind.
"Tropical Christmas" by Linda Rigsbee

A vacation to a tropical island for Christmas reminds a family what the holiday is about.
"Under the Mistletoe" by Linda Rigsbee

A father is missing during WWI, but the family is determined to make Christmas happy.
"A Warm Christmas" by Linda Rigsbee

A family decides to have a family Christmas get-together where it is warm - in the Arizona desert. Everything doesn't work out quite like they expected.
"Christmas @ Heart" by Linda Rigsbee

​An old woman is all alone at Christmas except for her computer; but people don't send emails on Christmas - do they?
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