Science Fiction delivered without profanity or explicit sex.

Created To Lead; Destined to Liberate
  It began as an experiment on planet Purlieu to see how colonies would progress, given different pre-determined circumstances. It ended over 200 years later after a devastating plague. After the scientists abandoned the planet, some of the colonies became predatory toward others.
  The scientists had created Mascots – humans genetically altered with animal genes – to guide and protect the colonists. Donte is a mascot, born with a unique destiny. He believes the only way the colonies can survive is to work together. He is determined to unite them, but it proves to be a long and perilous undertaking, fraught with mistakes, betrayal and misunderstandings.

Book Description:
    Donte is beyond fury and grief – all the way to quiet determination. His mate and children have been murdered and he is going to exact revenge. He knows he will be terminated afterward, but it doesn't matter. His life is over without them.
    To find the men who murdered his family, he must agree to an unholy task. He isn't concerned because he will not be alive to fulfil his part of the bargain.
    Donte is a mascot – a genetically modified human. He is the offspring of mascots designed by a group of scientists known to the inhabitants of planet Purlieu only as “The Parliament.” Mascots were programmed for leadership. They live longer, are stronger and more intelligent than their human counterparts. And yet, the humans were resistant to a plague that swept through all the colonies but one. The plague killed many of the male mascots and left most of the remaining sterile. Donte, safe in his mother’s womb throughout the plague, is an exception. Being the only fertile male mascot in two colonies has made him distinctive enough, but Donte is also a descendant of the leaders of two colonies. His heritage makes him a target and integrity holds him captive because a Mascot does not renege on a vow. Things do not go as planned. Instead of terminating the raiders who murdered his family, he terminates the insane King who sent them. He escapes beheading by seconds and rescues a captive. Ahead of him is a hungry trek over a snow-capped mountain in scant clothing and the crossing of an unfamiliar desert to take the captive to her colony. His only knowledge of two colony territories is what he gained by looking at a map for a few minutes – and the information he read on spaceship Moeder when he was twelve.
   Donte has a destiny that unfolds in a series of dangerous encounters. He cannot escape destiny, but will he live through it – and can he live up to it?

    This soft science fiction adventure reads more like general fiction, so it is often enjoyed by people who don't normally choose the science fiction genre. It is clean – void of profanity or explicit sex.

Editor’s Review

    When scientists on Oriel discover a new planet, they decide it would be an ideal environment for an experiment. Given different environments, opportunities and skills, how far would educated people progress over a couple hundred years?
  It was all innocent enough until they introduced Mascots – humans genetically modified with the genes of animals. Next they created laws that forbade contact between the colonies. Finally a devastating plague resulted in the scientists abandoning the experiment, leaving the colonists and Mascots on the planet to survive as best they could.
  The story begins thirty years later. Donte, a young Mascot captive, embarks on a mission to bring the colonies together. It begins with a harrowing escape and a trek across snow-capped mountains and a desert. His escape is complicated by a promise to escort a female captive safely to her colony and his dedication to honor above all else. Donte knows that mascots were created to guide and protect the colonists – humans, as he calls them – and he feels honor-bound to do so. His mission places him in one perilous situation after another in unfamiliar territory.
  Donte is plagued by doubts about his past, and challenged by questions about his future. He blames himself for the death of his mate and children. Before he can embrace the future, he must let go of the past.
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111,427 words
350 pages
The Purlieu Experiment
Book Two, The Mascot Trilogy
by Linda Rigsbee
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    A scientific company illegally creates humans contaminated with animal genes. The Mascots are placed on a new planet to guide and protect the colonists. After an incident, they abandon their experiment and claim the planet is uninhabitable. For thirty years the colonists and Mascots survive on their own. If the scientists return, can they legally reclaim their creations?
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Reader Comments:

"One of the best trilogies I have read - in any genre."

From Amazon

"Fascinating story well told. It's a delight to read something that is both an interesting, complex tale, and clean."

"I really enjoyed this book. Well written and compelling storyline. Can't wait to read the next book in the series."

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Soft science fiction reads more like general fiction. People who don't enjoy science fiction often enjoy soft science fiction. Colonization of another planet is similar to colonizing America, but on another planet.
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