​   People are disappearing on Planet Opus but General Richards doesn't want assistance - especially not from the aliens of Planet Arcane. Nevertheless, Planet Oriel requests assistance from rescue Spaceship Lyra's Supreme Commander, Donte, to determine the cause of disappearing miners. The bumbling methods of General Richards result in the capture of Donte's wife and daughter. Donte threatens retaliation if anyone interferes with his search for his family. Has Donte gone rogue?
  The mission becomes deadly when Donte and Saar are critically wounded with poisoned arrows. Donte’s wife and child take his place in subduing a futile rebellion. It is only the beginning of their troubles.

85,231 words
333 pages
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Quixotic Rebellion
Spaceship Lyra Log 003
by Linda Rigsbee
Editor’s Review:

  Donte’s wife and child hold the spotlight for a while in this gripping episode of “Spaceship Lyra Logs.” The Lyra is requested by Fontalo CEO on Planet Oriel to investigate the disappearance of miners on Planet Opus. But miners aren’t the only ones disappearing. Each time General Richards takes his men out to investigate, he loses men – always the last two in the column of troops.
  Donte is a mascot, a human from planet Arcane genetically altered with animal genes. He can sense things that few but the Arcane natives can. Donte is Supreme Commander of the rescue ship, Lyra. Rianne and Donte’s daughter, Evi, can sense presence like her father. She is eager to join the Lyra crew, but she is only a child. Her opportunity comes when Donte is critically wounded with a poisoned arrow while trying to rescue them.

This is Rigsbee’s third book in the Spaceship Lyra Logs series. Each of these books is a complete story in the series, but you may want to read them in order so you don’t miss anything.


  When miners start disappearing on colonized Planet Opus, General Richards takes his troops to investigate. He is certain he knows the cause, but each time he goes into the field, he loses two more men from the rear of his column. Planet Oriel asks for assistance from the Supreme Commander of the Lyra, a research and rescue spaceship docked at Planet Purlieu.
  General Richards is annoyed. He doesn’t need assistance – especially from Donte, Supreme Commander of a fleet of spaceships docked three weeks away at Planet Purlieu. He doesn’t want interference from Mascots – Arcane natives contaminated with animal genes.
  From the beginning, General Richards of the Opus militia resists any assistance from the Lyra. He finally gives Donte four days to accomplish what he has been unable to do in months. It takes the Lyra team only two days to discover pertinent facts.
  Donte thinks he knows what is happening, but wants to conduct a joint mission with General Richards to be sure. General Richards grudgingly accepts the assistance, but has conditions that put Donte’s crew in danger. Eventually, the General’s methods result in the capture of Donte’s wife and child.
When General Richards prohibits airships or Lyra troops from the area, Donte goes rogue. He threatens the Opus militia to keep them away while he finds his family. His actions draw criticism from three planets, but his family is more important.
When Donte is critically wounded with a poisoned arrow, his wife and child take over the mission of quelling a futile rebellion. This becomes a deadly mission – one that opens the door to some changes for everyone.

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A futile rebellion turns deadly for the Lyra crew in this episode of the Spaceship Lyra Logs. What is causing the disappearance of miners and troops, and is assisting an uncooperative general worth the risk?
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