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What do you do when a friend keeps getting you into trouble?

Roly Poly wants to be a good friend and help Ant, but being with Ant is more scary than fun. Ant is always doing dangerous things that get them both in trouble. What can Roly Poly do?​
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Roly Poly & The Ant
Written and Illustrated by Linda L. Rigsbee
Children's Easy Reader ages 5-9

HSL ID: 1032CRP1112
986 words, 13 pages
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Book Description:

Ant is one of those friends that seem to be attracted to danger and never learn from experience. It is difficult being a friend to someone like that. Friends are there for each other, but being friends with ant is dangerous. Roly Poly tries to help Ant, but it is impossible to help those who will not help themselves. It isn’t easy, but Roly Poly finds a way to stay out of trouble with Ant.

Editor’s Review:

Illustrations colored with pencils give this bold book a soft touch. Written and illustrated by author Linda L. Rigsbee, this booklet addresses a common problem for children. When a friendship is trouble, there is only one thing to do, but we have to figure that out for ourselves. After one particularly dangerous encounter, Roly Poly must make a difficult decision.

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