Carmen is a housewife, a mother and the manager of their American Wildlife Safari. She doesn’t care about fashion, but her sister-in-law has convinced her that her husband does.
Alex wears the pants in the family. He likes being in control, but he is feeling overwhelmed with another problem. He wants to discuss it with Carmen, but he has been sworn to secrecy.
When Alex arranges a group for a three week stay at the guest house, Carmen must learn a new aspect of the business. Alex is interfering one day and leaving everything to Carmen the next. In an effort to help Alex, Carmen starts making decisions without consulting him. One decision results in tragedy and Alex loses faith in her.
Their marriage is falling apart when Carmen realizes she needs to follow her heart and stop listening to everyone else. Is it too late?
63,909 words
244 pages
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Carmen wants to please everyone. She’s involved in school for her children, church for her family and fashion for her husband. She is busy being a wife, a mother to four children, caretaker of all their animals and now manager of Alex’s dream – American Wildlife Safari. She is understandably concerned about her ability to entertain tourists as well as her other chores.

Alex has his own problems and he thinks Carmen should be able to handle things without his directive. Yet Alex can’t resist interfering.
Carmen’s sister-in-law is telling her how to dress; Alex is telling her how to run the safari and one of the guests is telling her how to manage her husband. Not surprising, the result is confusion and discord.

When Carmen rides alone where she has promised Alex she would never go, she has a tragic accident. She destroys something Alex loves and puts their marriage in jeopardy. If Carmen is to rectify the situation, she must reclaim her identity.


Carmen knows she can’t please everyone, but she is trying to be the best mother, wife and manager she is capable of being. In the process, she’s willing to change the way she dresses and acts.

Alex is confused and alarmed by the change. He likes his responsibilities exactly where he expects them to be. He has another problem and he doesn’t want the distraction of changes.

Carmen knows she already has her hands full with the children, school and the animals, but when Alex makes arrangements for tourists on their American Wildlife Safari, she accepts his claim that she can make time.

Meanwhile, Katie is trying to make a fashionable independent woman out of her. Carmen doesn’t care about fashion, but thinks it will please Alex. The only person Carmen isn’t trying to please is Jonathan, who has reached puberty and rebellion simultaneously.

In the process of doing something Alex has strictly forbidden, Carmen has a tragic accident and is injured when she falls down a bluff. She bears Alex’s stoic rebuke in silence, knowing she brought it on herself. Jonathan is ultimately the one who brings it to her attention that she is letting others run her life, not being independent.

Her marriage is falling apart and Alex has gone to Texas, leaving her to manage everything in his absence. Carmen must forget about what everyone wants her to be and become what she thinks she should be. Hopefully it isn’t too late to save her marriage.

Reader Comments:

"I really enjoyed this latest installment of the series."

To Thine Own Self
Book 6 - Carmen & Alex Series
by Linda Louise Rigsbee
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Carmen's husband and sister-in-law have convinced her that for her children's sake, she should take the role of a modern housewife. In the process, she makes a tragic mistake and alienates her husband.
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