A Tutelarius Love

Megan O’Hara had spent her entire life rubbing elbows with the elite. Lif presented her with few problems that her father couldn’t handle. He gave her a job and even selected her fiancé. The idea of voicing an objection to such a wise and kind man seemed ungrateful – until the romance turned sour. That was when she made the decision to take control of her destiny.
  Making a clean break wasn’t going to be easy. An ad in a newspaper about some land in Arkansas inspired an idea. It provided a secluded place to test her survival skills.
  From the first day, nothing was as she expected – especially the young man she suspected her father had sent to play guardian. Under his tutelage, she found self confidence – and first love.
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A Tutelarius Love
A Clean Romance Novel
by Linda Louise Rigsbee
"A Tutelarius Love" is a clean romance novel about a wealthy California girl who comes to Arkansas for a self-inflicted reliance test. Woodsy lore and culture shock give this story a rural feel. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, readers have declared the book a page-turner.

Megan's father is a wealthy business man who dotes on his only daughter. After a failed romance with the man her father selected for her, she begins to question her ability to make decisions. When she sees an ad in the newspaper about a remote cabin in Arkansas, she decides it would be the perfect place to test her skill at taking care of herself.

When a young man keeps showing up in her life, she comes to the conclusion that her father sent him to play guardian. At first she is annoyed, but after a while she begins to enjoy his company. Under his tutelage, she finds self-confidence and first love.
Into the cozy world she created for a 4-week vacation, comes her ex-fiancé...and the reality that all this fun must come to an end. She is no longer the same person who came to Arkansas. She is going to need the self-reliance she discovered to face the next challenge.

Reader Comments:

​"I enjoyed the story, the internal conflict of an intelligent, educated woman having to find her own voice. I also liked the woodsy lore. Where I grew up in rural Connecticut I learned a little about edible & medicinal plants. Nice work, Linda."

"It's one of the best romantic novels i have read,with an equally irresistible pair of protagonists.surely a thumbs up for this one!!!!"

"It felt like I was there watching Megan and her life falling apart bit by bit. I love the turn of the story, when Justin entered her life... I loved reading this one. :)"

"I enjoyed the to-and-fro of Justin & Megan's relationship. As a former farm girl myself, who's eaten wild berries and cracked open hickory nuts with a rock on a fallen trunk, I enjoyed the nature lore of Arkansas. Although Megan's father had over-protected and steered her in the past, he recognized the importance of her choosing and loving her intended husband. Love & respect trumped money & prestige. A lovely story. Living in Bolivia, a Spanish-speaking country, it's hard for me to find good English-language reading material. Bless all the authors who offer their "children" (writings) to the world free. Thank you Internet, also."

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