“YOUTH YARNS” is a collection of 13 short stories suitable for ages 8 and up. From the gradual change in perspective of “To Grandpa, From Christopher” to the mystery in “The Haunted House,” this book offers not only entertainment and variety, but a timeless message in each as well. They are a mixture of humor, mystery and suspense – memorable and easy to read.
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21,295 words, 86 pages
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Youth Yarns
A Collection of Short Youth Stories
by Linda L. Rigsbee

A collection of thirteen short stories for ages 8 and up, these stories could also be enjoyed by adults who might relish the nostalgia of their youth. Fast-paced and easy to read, these stories would be ideal for anyone with a short attention span.
A lesson is artfully woven into each memorable story. “Promise Not To Tell” is a poignant story about making promises you can’t keep. “The Goat Ate My Homework is a humorous story about the hazards of procrastination and “My Friend, The Geek” takes two boys deeper into the meaning of friendship.
Like any good tale, each of these stories provides an element of mystery and suspense in a variety of ways.


“Youth Yarns” is a collection of 13 short stories for ages 8 and up. Humor, suspense and a subtle message make each of these stories memorable.

The Haunted House:” Two pre-teen trick-or-treaters explore a forbidden old house. Is it actually haunted, or was what they saw merely it a trick?
To Grandpa, From Christopher:” 10-year-old Christopher says he doesn't like goats, but his letters to Grandpa reveal a fickle heart.
Cross That Bridge When You Get To It:” A 13-year-old boy wants to look brave in front of his uncle, but he's terrified of heights and his Uncle wants him to walk across a bridge over a gorge.
My Friend, the Geek:” A popular Jr. High School student is befriended by a geek. At first he avoids a friendship, but some people are special in different ways.
A Scream in the Night:” When a city boy moves to the country with his parents, he expects to be bored, but he gets a surprise.
Mystery of the Brass Hook:” Two teen boys seek the truth to a myth about a peg-legged ghost. What they find strengthens their friendship.
The Sourpuss:” When a pre-teen boy has only an old woman as a companion, he makes the best of it - and wins something special the process.
No One Knows:” The desire to be fashionable turns into an opportunity for a young girl to show gratitude to her mother.
Under the Palo Verde Tree:” The desert doesn't offer much in the way of entertainment for its resident children, but it does offer an opportunity for compromise.
Promise Not To Tell:” There are some things that you should never promise not to tell.
The Goat Ate My Homework:” Procrastination provides its own lesson.
A Christmas Scare:” When a nightmare provides a lesson, the lesson may only be a nightmare.
Where The Sage Grows Tall:” A boring summer and active imaginations provide an opportunity for bonding between sisters.

Fast-paced, easy to read and entertaining – a collection of short stories from Linda L. Rigsbee, author of “Drums Of The Makai.”

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