​   Carmen has accepted the idea of a surrogate mother for their next baby, but she isn’t embracing it. Her old fashioned morals are putting a damper on the experience.
   Carmen and Alex are going to his father’s home in Texas for their first vacation. From the moment they arrive, Carmen is shocked by the multitude of things Alex has hidden from her.
     Carmen loves Alex and, in spite of his faults, she still believes he is the perfect man for her. Some changes are in order to improve their marriage. She must choose her battles when it comes to making changes, and choose her words when she confronts Alex.
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Book 5 in the Carmen & Alex Series
by Linda Louise Rigsbee
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    The best response to a situation isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. Life offers a smorgasbord of choices and Carmen uses what she believes will offer the best long-term results. It may not be how we all do react, but it certainly provides possibilities for a more harmonious outcome.

    Carmen is bombarded with changes, some of which may not be good. Producing a child artificially is something she said she would never do, but suddenly she isn’t sure. More important, Alex is sure, and she doesn’t want to dictate his morals – especially when they both heartily agree on the results.

    Alex has hidden a father from her, but when they visit his father’s home in Texas, she discovers he has hidden much more – an entire family and lifestyle. Alex didn’t want to vacation at his father’s home. He didn’t want to renew an old relationship. He did it for Carmen and their children. Carmen tries to keep that in mind when emotions get out of line. She tries to support Alex and understand his point of view – but everyone has their breaking point, and she finds hers.


    Carmen has finally agreed to a baby through a surrogate mother. Alex has agreed to a Christmas vacation at his biological father’s home. It is a huge step for each of them and emotions are running high. Not nearly as high as they get when they reach Texas.
    Alex doesn’t want to go to Texas and his actions speak as loudly as his words. Carmen is shocked to discover the extent of his secrecy. Alex has hidden far more than a father. He has hidden a family and a lifestyle. Carmen wants to know why, but Alex doesn’t want to discuss it. He claims she is better off not knowing.
    Carmen loves Alex, in spite of the way he is acting. She realizes that they must make some critical changes in their relationship, but she knows that her response may affect the rest of their marriage. People either grow together in times like these or they drift apart. She carefully measures each response. It isn’t about winning an argument. It’s about making their marriage stronger. It is no longer about Carmen and Alex, but their children as well.
    Carmen and Alex are each having a change of heart. Will they be able to make their relationship better or will they build walls between them?
Faced with challenging issues, Carmen must make choices that may determine whether or not their marriage survives.

"This is the best novel I've read online for a long time. I cannot find a single fault with it. I did not want it to end."

"This book was awesome, it kept me intrigued. You wrote just enough mystery that made me want to keep reading to the next chapter to see what happened."

"I can't believe this has been out for two months. I checked regularly for so long I was afraid it would never get here. And then I didn't check for a few months and I missed it. Oh well. I loved it. I read it in a day. I love Carmen and Alex. They have rotten luck, but I guess you need crisis to have plot. I'm glad they are maturing. I like that they are imperfect--no washboard abs here, just a real man who works hard, loves fiercely, and is more real than most romance novel men. How many men do you know that communicate and emote like women? Real men tend to be as stubborn as Alex. I could go on, but I'll stop. Fabulous!"

From Public Bookshelf:

"I have read all 5 books in 3 days and have really enjoyed how realistic the relationship is. Marriage takes a lot of adjustments on both sides and many people don't take the time to allow for that. That's why divorce rates are so high. I like that these two get so close to possibly leaving one another, but they fight for it because of their love and respect for each other and their respect for the sanctity of their solemn promise to each other and God. I like that they try hard to keep the romance alive despite the fact that they aren't newlyweds. More people should work on that. 

That being said...I hope there is only one more book to their story because I don't think I can handle much more drama for Alex and Carmen. And I don't want to be reading about them when they are old. They are at a good place in their relationship after the 5th book, so the next one should resolve the issue with his Father and the inheritance (I hope). I will probably stop reading their story after the 6th book. I do highly recommend reading these stories though."

HomeSpun ID 1028RCH1109
64,699 words, 244 pages
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Women's  romantic fiction delivered without profanity or explicit sex.
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