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Whether it's a teenage crush, a second chance or a senior relationship, love can be complicated. These short clean romance stories are realistic and thought provoking.

Where the Snow Geese Live - A widow is trying to recover from a lost love when she buys a remote home near a small lake. Her life perks up when she meets a man and his twin girls. Is she moving too fast?

Keep The Ball Rolling - A married couple have drifted apart over the years. Can they revive the excitement, or will their marriage collapse like others?

A Special Thanksgiving - An elderly woman promises her daughter that she won't spend Thanksgiving alone. In a desperate move, she invites the lonely old man the townspeople call "the old geezer"

Love and Deception - A mother hasn't told her boyfriend that she has two children. Will he forgive her for keeping it from him?

Even Steven - When she finds a telephone number in her husband's pocket, Dana suspects him of cheating. They've only been married three months. Is it possible?

Macho Man - A girl loves a man who carries the macho image a little too far. Locked in a power struggle with him, she wonders if he is the wrong man for her.

Such Is Life - There is a good reason why a miner looks familiar to Jena. Something about him might hold the key to her happiness.

Sweet Sixteen - A teenage girl has a crush on a boy, but he doesn't notice her. Is it the old fashioned clothes she wears? How can she get his attention?

The First Time For Love - Widowed in her forties, Rhonda is finally searching for a new mate. She already knows what it's like to be poor. Her first marriage was rich in love. This time her first priority is financial security. That's her plan, but an interesting new friend may change it.

The Homely Stud - When a girl falls in love with her boyfriend's best friend, she is in a dilemma. If she declares her feelings, she could ruin the friendship between the two men. Must she walk away from the man she loves?

The Storm - A couple's first fight is like a summer storm. Will it end in destruction?

The Practical Joke - A practical joke turns into a first date and then a relationship, but Carla isn't ready for marriage. She's convinced Lance is the right man, but she plans on being financially ready before she walks down the isle. Will she put it off too long?

 "Heartland Romance" is a collection of short clean romance stories in which the main characters range from teens to seniors. These stories bring a smile to the lips, prompt a nod of the head and inspire the mind to ponder long after reading.
     First time, second time after the loss of the first, or even while searching for it; love often arrives unexpected - sometimes unwelcome. Whatever the case; in these stories, love is always the victor.
     Rigsbee is the author of the popular Carmen & Alex Series clean romance novels and many other stories.

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37,704 words, 134 pages

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Editor's Review:
     Each of these stories leaves the reader wishing it would continue, yet eager for the next. From teen to seniors, we can all relate to these stories. The characters are realistic and the plots are believable. The fast pace and smooth delivery leaves the reader wishing they were longer, but each is a well rounded story.
     This is an ideal book to keep on the night stand. Each story has an upbeat ending and a positive message. The stories all promote building healthy and lasting relationships where the partners are not only lovers, but friends as well.
     These stories are clean and suitable for any age group. This is a romance book readers would feel comfortable about having in plain sight when the pastor visits.
     Rigsbee first gained popularity with her clean romance books, but she is actually a multi-genre writer. These short stories are good samples of her writing.

Heartland Romance
A Collection of Short Clean Romance Stories
by Linda Louise Rigsbee
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From teen infatuation to the mature romance of the elderly, these short stories focus on the heart of true romance - relationships.
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