Kayla wants to rescue her friend from a draconian landlord. When she buys a duplex, she thinks she has the perfect solution. Rent one side to Marcie and her daughter - but first she must help her friend get out of her current lease. Drake the dragon landlord surprises her when he quietly agrees.
    Victorious from that battle, she disregards the provisions of a standard rental contract. Who needs all those when you are renting to a friend?
When she begins having problems, she decides to ask Drake for advice; but Drake is a fledgling landlord too. They form an alliance so strong that it turns Marcie against them.
    Kayla must let someone down. Will it be Marcie, Marcie’s daughter, the old lady who befriended her; or Drake, the man she loves? How can she remain true to herself and the people she loves?
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27,547 words, 114 pages
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​Which is more important; friendship, loyalty or love? Kayla’s friend has a dragon of a landlord. Marcie, a single mom with a 5-year-old daughter, has been working long hours, struggling to make ends meet. Kayla has a wonderful landlady in Mrs. Langley. Kayla is trying to find a way to help Marcie when Mrs. Langley, announces that she is moving away to be with her family. She wants to sell the duplex where they live to Kayla.
At first Kayla doesn’t know what to do. She has no money saved for a down-payment, nor does she have enough income to pay a mortgage. Kayla and Mrs. Langley have an unusual relationship – more like friend and caregiver. Mrs. Langley is old and vulnerable and Kayla doesn’t want to take advantage of her. Mrs. Langley wants her to have the duplex, and eventually they settle on no down payment and a price and payments Kayla can afford.

Kayla is young and naive. She knows nothing about being a landlady. She only knows that she doesn’t want to be one like Drake the dragon. She downloads a standard rental contract and is shocked at all the unnecessary requirements on it. She doesn’t need all that stuff to rent to a friend.

She buys the duplex and prepares to move her friend into one of the two apartments, but first, she must get Marcie out of her current lease. Marcie doesn’t want to face him, so Kayla does it for her. Drake isn’t as bad as she expects and she walks away victorious. Marcie is out with no penalty!

It doesn’t take Kayla long to realize she made a mistake. Marcie isn’t living up to her responsibilities and she is blaming Kayla for all her woes. Things keep going from bad to worse and Kayla starts to realize why there were so many conditions in the rental contract.

In an act of desperation, Kayla turns to Drake for advice. She finds that he is a fledgling landlord too, but he kept in place the procedure that his parents had used for years before they died. He is willing to help Kayla. He tells her she has no choice but to evict Marcie, but Kayla is concerned about depriving Stephanie, Marcie’s daughter, of a home. Every time Drake comes up with a solution, Kayla has a reason why she shouldn’t do it. Drake doesn’t give up on her, though.
Marcie keeps making poor choices that worsen her situation, until Kayla finally gives up on her. She tries to evict her, but Marci won’t move out. Kayla feels guilty about seeking Drake’s advice, yet not using it, but mostly she is concerned about Stephanie losing a stable home and letting down Mrs. Langley.
Kayla is running out of time on her mortgage payment due date when she thinks of an idea. If she decides to do it, she must have Marcie’s full cooperation, and she might not get that. If she fails, they will all lose their home. Will Marcie let her down again? Do people ever really change?

Editor's Review: 

 This author actually has some landlord experience. While this story is fiction and the characters all grew from her imaginative mind, the story effectively explores some reasons for Arkansas landlord reputations.

Written from the perspective of a young naive woman who only becomes a landlord to help a friend, the story is informative and gripping. Kayla gets herself into trouble when she decides to disregard all the ridiculous provisions in a standard rental agreement. Those are for businesses and she is renting to a friend.

Drake, the dragon Landlord and Kayla, the landlord slayer, eventually form an alliance in resolving the renter problem. Kayla is determined to do what she thinks is the best for everyone – except herself. Now she is faced with the possibility of causing a little girl losing her home and/or mother; letting down an old lady who befriended her and involving the man she loves in something that may hurt him. The choice is hers and she doesn’t know what to do.

Kayla’s integrity and compassion are only surpassed by her resolve to get out of this situation in an honorable way – even if she has to sacrifice her home. She realizes that there is a line between helping and enabling, and she has crossed it. She’s willing to pay the price for her ignorance, but will her friend let her down?

This is a book that will help readers understand some of the issues tenants and landlords face. It’s a book about love, integrity and undying faith.

Reader Comments:

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"An interesting story and relates how friendship can influence someone's opinion - sometimes detrimentally. Linda Rigsbee handles the problem very intelligently and very satisfactorily at the end. Rigsbee's stories always present problems that are solved in various ways. Her romance novels are clean and leave all the heavy panting to the imagination of the reader."
Kayla, The Landlord Slayer
Women's Fiction Novella
by Linda Louise Rigsbee
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Kayla has a friend who has a dragon of a landlord. When she buys a duplex, she has an opportunity to help by renting one side to her friend. Things aren't quite like she had been told. Perhaps the landlord wasn't the dragon after all.
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